Bakeriye Kattiya

බේකරියෙ කට්ටිය

By the time we were born, it was just a bakery, a place that made bread and buns. We grew up with the roasted bread smell of it…

Time passed by.. Gradually, it turned into a yelling shantytown full of our uproar.

On another day it was a peaceful paradise of moon catchers. We even remember eating curd on the moon..

In first hand we fell for Beg’s songs.

That was the time we got together to build the well known Mahalawarawa Vesak Lantern..

The sound of bread trays in the bakery was crude, so were our lives.

Hence we created the music called ‘Down Town Pulse’.

Down Town Pulse… Is it about alternative music?

Many people want to know. Our answer is that ‘we are alternative humans’.

By that way, not only music, but each and every act of us becomes alternative.