Down Town Pulse 2016


When dense ideas are packed into one place, tension increases.
This leads to a phenomenal explosion which destroys the existing world and creates new ones in its place

Alternative music is music that has not yet achieved a mainstream audience, alternative is not new wave any more, it is a disposition of mind, alternative music any kind of music that has the potential to reach wider audience.

It also has real strength, real quality, real excitement, and it has to socially significant.

Down Town Pulse is an alternative musical stage which is on the process at the moment organized by Bakeriye Kattiya which is about to build up Sri Lankan alternative music. A combination of MUSIC, LYRICS and DISTORTION will act as the main point of this event. This event has been organized for last consecutive years 2011, 2012, 2013 at Bekariya, Mahalwarawa.
Bakeriye Kattiya are the founders of this creative crew along who are trying to change the system in their own creative mediums.

Our Target

Open up a stage for Sri Lankan Alternative Musicians, Performing Artist, Installation Artist and Video Artist. Build up an Advanced Audience.

Specialties of Down Town Pulse
  • Varied music cultures on one stage Distortion and Music
  • Each Band presents Two Brand New songs
  • New instruments will be introduce to the music industry
  • Experimental Level Music Pieces will be released based on political and conceptual themes
  • Down Town Pulse is ready this time to push its bounds of the four year musical experience. Hence, in effect new art practiceswill take place; a Photography Exhibition, Performing Art, Installation Art, Video Art and an Art Discussion.

Down Town Pulse 2016 is currently in it’s making phase to launch three consecutive days in the month of March.