Down Town Pulse | Down Town Pulse 2016 - April 1,2 & 3 2016 @ Bakeriya Space, Mahalwarawa
We are recreating the Big Bang, You are invited to the Explosion. Down Town Pulse 2016 | April 1,2 &3 2016 @ Bakeriya Space, Mahalwarawa
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We are recreating The Big Bang,
You are invited to The Explosion.

When dense ideas are packed into one place, tension increases.
This leads to a phenomenal explosion which destroys
the existing world and creates new ones in its place.

We are recreating the big bang. You are invited to the explosion
that will destroy your existing world of ideas, and take you into a new one.


Join The Three Day Trial
April 1,2 & 3,  2016

Exhibition Free

Tickets Rs. 200 per day
for the Music Concert

for the Music Concert
@ Bakeriya Space (Mahalwarawa)