Live Alternate Music

11-12-13 / 03 / 2016 | 6.30 pm onwards

Happy Journey

Happy Journey is a stage drama. It is a teamwork. It is a musical play. We decide to play Down Town Pulse 1st concert in Mahalwarawa as a one band. We all have different journeys so we decided to stay with the same name as HAPPY JOURNEY which shows each and everyone has different journeys.
We are playing songs from our drama and as well as the music produced by Palitha Abeyrathna, Amila Sandaruwan.This is the almost main stage we release our music as a band. The lyrics the melodies are different when it comes to Down Town Pulses stage. It is simply an educational change according to our band. (APITA WENAS) Even the audience knows this is different because we show the reality of their lives in front of their own eyes.

Ajith Kumarasiri

Ajith Kumarasiri, also known as “Rock Ajith” is an unconventional musician in SriLanka. He conveys his message by using rough words and harshmusic. His music is about the harsh realities in the Sri Lankan society. The most significant aspect of Ajith’s music is that out of an entire audience, not everyone like his music. But what we must understand here is the idea that he brings to this society. According to him, music is not just a mere subject, but it is a collection of various human emotions. Thu she manifests the idea that music is collection of various sounds. Ajith released his first album known as the 3rd world, depicting his ideas and attitudes over the Sri Lankan society.


SkitsoSl is a music band which trying to use music for makes a different pioneer movement in Sri Lankan art music and social life. Our band started in the end of 2006 with the hands of SudanthaMadhawa – (Writer,Vocalist), ThilinaBlyz – (Composer, Guitarist, Vocalist) Prasad Pathiraja – (Drums) Charith Lorensuhewa – Bass Guitarist) Joni Composer, Guitarist) Tharindu Premaratne – (Composer, Guitarist)

Whakan Thanka

“Whakan Thanka” was initiated by Shakya Weerasinghe, Charith Lorensuhewa & Chameera D Gamage. Group members of a band previously known as “Maverick”. Vocal and rhythm guitar by Shakya Weerasinghe, lead guitar by Charith Lorensuhewa & drums by Chameera D gamage. After 2014 Palitha Abeyrathna join with Wakhan Thanka.
We try to improve the musical aspect of music that we produce. At the same time we are concerned about the social environment that we live in, and the people who are fighting for a change. The music that we produce is based on our experiences, our feelings and fantasies of a better world.

Wagon Park

6 Musicians, 6 diverse musical influences, steadfast dedication & a stroke of traditional spice all assimilated together to form the Wagon Park experience. The band been entertaining audiences since 2007 and today are at the fore front of a very Sri Lankan take on blues rock. When they are onstage, their sound is reminiscent of folk music being fused with the epic scope of classic rock and roll. Vocalist / lyricist Buddhi de Mel adds to this concoction with incisive lyrics in Sinhala, English and Singlish to audiences in no doubt that Sri Lankan rock and roll is here to stay.


I started my journey as a singer in the buses and trains. I started my journey around the country like that. Then I only realized that I haven’t seen half of my country and I haven’t seen the reality of it. Then I felt why not composing and writing about these unseen realities. Then I met these amazing people who are singing along with me in buses and almost everywhere; where people can listen to music – that is how we became a band.


Mix master blong are experimental improvisation psychedelic rock project by Sarani Perera, Uvindu Perera, Harshan Gallage and Isuru Kumarasinghe. Mainly focus on an esoteric relationship of sound / sonic arts improvisation.
The project started in late 2011 for Bigears concert series at Musicmatters. Recently collaborating with avant garde singer/ song writer AmilaSandaruwan