Performance Art


Bandu Manamperi

Bandu Manamperi holds a BFA in Sculpture and is a core member of Colombo’s Theertha Artists’ Collective, Bandu was one of the first performance artists in Sri Lanka, creating highly personal art experiences based on the transformation of his own body, but he doesn’t limit himself to any one genre and his art practice also encompasses sculpture, drawing and painting, and installation art. He also lectures and consults widely on a range of topics including contemporary art, museology, and local craft traditions.

Janani Cooray

BFA Holder – 2002, Art Teacher – Henry Olcott Vidyalaya, Kolonnawa.

Osariya signifies the importance of a Sri Lankan Woman. It is symbolize a Limited set of behaviors. Sri Lankan women , including my self, will enter that set of limitations when dressed in Osariya.The Power, ethnicity and nationalism connected to the Osariya , and related behavior, attitudes and social restrictions, are focused by this work.

Priyanthi Anusha

Priyanthi is a double degree holder with a BFA as well as a BA from two major universities in Sri Lanka. She is a Member of the Women Artists Colloquium at Theertha and works as a teacher at Ashoka College, Colombo. Priyanthi Anusha, using as a starting point her semi-nude self-portrait and a series of X-rays of her body that she works over. The work considers a history of the gendered body – silenced, objectified, repositioned.

Omali Radhika

BFA Holder 2009. She is a Member of the Women Artist at Red Dot Art Gallery. Colorful feelings, Colorful desires, Everything is, we made Everything is, we caught… for ourselves.